Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rest of the Story . . . ?

Each time I think about my LifeCentering blog, or review the articles I have written for it, I know there is yet an unwritten story that sooner or later I will get around to writing. This may be the time for at least a part of that story. Those of you who have followed the LC articles know much about my story. Many of you have also been supportive of my efforts toward healing.

The last year has been the toughest of my life. I have had to deal with rejection and despair, fear and a sense of failure in my personal relationships. But I have also found strength in friendships and hope for the future thanks to being able to return to my basic sense of optimism about life. I have had to make a sincere effort to reclaim my sense of self-worth, which I had finally gained through a year of counseling, but which suffered severely due to my inability at the time to resolve critical issues with my family.

Some of the family issues are beginning to find resolution. The process is slow, but deliberate. Others remain unresolved. There is light within the process for each of us and as I catch a glimmer of it occasionally, I remain hopeful that full recovery is unfolding.

I realize that what constitutes resolution for one party in a disagreement is not necessarily resolution for the other party. A part of healing is that each of us realizes that the other’s path is their choice for what is best for them. In freeing others to explore their own options and needs we are also free to experience our own healing path. I have found solace in recognizing how that seems to be working in my family. While I hope for the process to bring about conditions that I would like to see occur, it may not happen. Whether or not it goes as I desire, I sincerely bless the situation and leave it and all parties securely in God’s presence knowing that only the highest and best is possible for all concerned.

I know the full story is not yet written. I also know it will be someday.

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