Monday, November 5, 2007

A Prayer for Thanksgiving and Healing

I just received the monthly newsletter from LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. You will find a link to the School in the column to the left under “Links.” Jan, the school founder and director, tells of a shamanic prayer of thanksgiving that has come down from the Iroquois people through several sages. She offers a full version personalized by one of her associates on the LightSong website. Jan then offers her own version of the prayer for thanksgiving. I urge you all to read the prayer and relate it to your own life, your loved ones, and your world. I think you will experience, as did I, a wonderful healing energy and a cleansing of your soul. Following with the prayer through November should make it an incredible month of positive change.

You may also be interested in other classes and activities offered by Jan, whom I highlighted in the former Whole Life Development newsletter.

You can paste this URL in the address line of your browser to go directly to the LightSong website: The November newsletter may not be posted to her website at this time, but will shortly, so check back. The full text of the Thanksgiving Prayer by Deb Scrivens, Jan's associate is posted on this site.