Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Friend Has Moved On

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It has been a tough couple of weeks. First, it was Tim Russert. Now I learn that another friend has moved on. George Carlin will no longer assault our senses live. His marvelous mechanics as a word-smith will be missed. However, we will always have the films, books and HBO archives to enjoy. I never knew George personally, but for fifty years I have been a fan. Several years ago, when my daughter was working for Universal Studios in Florida, she managed to get a personally autographed photo of him for me. She was responsible for working with the scheduling of talent for tours and told George of my long-lasting fanship. I also have several of his books that can lift me from the doldrums within a few pages of reading. I treasure that record of his work.

What I like about George Carlin is his ability to clearly see how absurd we are so much of the time. He could particularly emasculate political correctness. He could completely desensitize us to phony aloofness and piety. In short, he helped us realize that taking life too seriously was not healthy. Perhaps it was due to his own unhealthy lifestyle for much of his life that led him to strike out at the foolishness of some of our priorities. There is no way we could continue to take ourselves so seriously, if we were paying any attention to his routines. We were probably not laughing with George so much as we were realizing some of the facades we showed the world.

Well, George, you may be out of sight, but speaking for myself, you certainly are not out of mind! If you will excuse me for now, I need to pick up Brain Droppings, (Hyperion Books) and submerge myself in your eternal humor. Keep ‘em laughing up there, George!

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