Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It Comes In Threes

It seems to be true. When one friend moves on, two others follow. I had no sooner finished posting my article about George Carlin than I received notice of the passing of a dear friend. Bertha Crich was a member of the Unity of Bellevue ministry whom I first met when I returned in 1987 to the church I first served in 1960. She was one of the members who participated in the North Bend Study Group and whose delightful presence always added to the experience of being together. When I was going through a personal struggle after leaving the church, I had the opportunity to stay in the guest house she and her husband, Jack, had at their home at the base of Mt. Si. That respite made possible my return to sanity and composure so that I could proceed with getting on with my life. We have been dear friends ever since. It was as difficult for me, as I am sure it was for them, when they sold their river place and moved to a retirement community. I could not imagine them not sitting on their front porch watching the Snoqualmie River rush by, or in their flower gardens or in their cottage-like home with its welcoming warmth and inviting comfort.

As I bless Bertha in her path beyond our view, my prayers attend to Jack. May solace bring comfort and the peace that passes understanding. For all of the family, God bless and sustain you.

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Dr. Sweetfire said...

Sorry to hear this report. . . I remember you speaking of her while I was visiting. Sending Angels of Love to support all of her friends and family in this new Celebration of Life . . . somewhere else. Richest blessings and love, Nomi