Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anger Revisited

I have been a writer for a number of years.  I manage and write for two Web Logs, LifeCentering and Insight & Outsight/. I have self-published two books.  Every once in awhile I pick up one of my books, usually, Moments In the Journey Through Life, and open randomly to a page.  Almost always whatever I have written about on that page has some connection for what may be happening in my life at that point.  By reading I afford myself the opportunity to take a breath, relax and view some situation with new insights.

That happened for me today.  Though the article that I opened to--Dealing With Anger--did not particularly relate to my being angry over some issue.  What did come up for me is the thought that just maybe it would be of help to others who have not yet read that article, or for that matter, the book itself.  So I am reproducing the article here along with links to my book.  I am not sure the book  is still available in these outlets, though it is listed.  If you look for it and cannot find it, I will be glad to make a PDF copy available to you.  Simply let me know at:

Dealing With Anger article:

Moments as listed on Amazon:

Moments as listed on Author’s Den: