Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life Has A Way

As my last several blog entries have mentioned, it has been an interesting several weeks during which I have experienced the loss of friends, both personal and public. In an exchange of correspondence with a friend who recently returned to my life from back in the days of the Whole Life Learning Center in Denver, I realized that Life has a way of bringing into our experience just the right persons who support, nourish and provide us with possibilities and hope. I also realized how little time any of us have to share our love and how fickle fate is in tricking us into believing there is plenty of time to let others know how we feel.

I thought of the folks who are in my life and those who no longer are. I thought of the folks with whom I have made an effort to communicate over the years and who have or have not responded. It has become even clearer to me how Life has blessed me with very special folks with whom to share this experience. It is my prayer that somehow I have been able to fill that role for others. Several times in the last two years I have reached out to people in my life whose life for one reason or another, I felt I needed to touch again. For some I realized that I had never told them how much they meant to me. For others it was a case of apologizing for some slight or abuse I may have given. For others it was just to say “Hello.” It is not important who responded or who didn’t. The effort was for my own pulling together any loose ends in those relationships. I needed to complete the circle of sharing, of giving and receiving.

Life is always in transition, much as the lesson is given to us from the caterpillar to the butterfly. It seems to me that it is important that we pay attention not only to the transition but also to the time together and that we make the most of those opportunities. Life has a way of giving us opportunities, but It cannot force us to learn or benefit from them. I am determined to continue to become more conscious in my living. I am determined to be mindful of the folks with whom I share this path and to honor them to the best of my ability. In some cases the honor must be in the silence of my meditations. For others I will seek to be alert to openly sharing support, love and helpfulness in any way I am able.

Life Has A Way!

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Dr. Sweetfire said...

And sometime, in spite of our dreams and aspirations "that way" is appearing to be different. . . sometimes far beyond our expectations and other times leaving room for more and more healing.
"Change and development take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life." Herbert Otto.
I, too, have thought so many times of the transition of the wolly worm into a beautiful butterfly. . the time that it takes, the struggle that it takes to let the wings dry, to feel the breeze and yet not be quite ready to fly. . . so, with patience and the appearance of time all things happen. . . how humbling.
Blessings to those who appear to be no more with us, blessings to those who remain to finish their journey. May we all someday remember our oneness . . . in love,. Richest blessings, Nomi