Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time For Change

In my 80+ years on this planet and as a citizen of the United States of America, sadly, I have done very little in terms of social/political action, other than support emotionally those causes with which I identified.


It has taken the utter shock of the election of a racist, misogynistic, degenerate liar to bring me to a point where I can no longer simply sympathize with those who are on the front lines actively seeking social/political justice.  I am committing myself to doing something from here on until sanity and integrity and social justice are fully embodied in the government as a whole and the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court in particular.

It is an absolute disgrace that we have now in the highest office of our country, as the supposed leader of the free world, such an ignorant, arrogant, careless and self-absorbed individual as Donald Trump.  The world has taken notice.  It will not suffer the misjudgments and critical actions of this despot seeking self-aggrandizement at the expense of literally every single citizen of this country.

We have seen in the Women’s Marches around the world, and particularly in Washington, DC, that we will not stand for the agenda this miscreant is attempting to foist upon us all.  Now, as never before, we are all called upon to STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and ACT POSITIVELY to correct the outrageous error in judgment demonstrated by the election, without a majority of the popular vote, of Donald Trump.

To begin with, I plan to engage in follow up activity generated by the Women’s Marches.  I know I will have compatriots in this venture.  I invite each of you who have taken the time to read this far to find an activity that you can commit yourself to supporting.  Do it financially.  Do it emotionally.  Do it in person.  JUST DO SOMETHING!

We can no longer sit on our hands waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to make things right.  We cannot trust our representatives in any level of government to automatically act on our behalf.  They ALL have too much commitment to the moneychangers who support their candidacy for office.  As a registered member of the Independent Party of Oregon, I expect to do what I can to discover, encourage and support individuals for a variety of offices—from school boards to the State House—who genuinely have my interests at heart.

Who are YOU waiting for to take action on YOUR behalf?  Find your own cause and take your own actions.  That is the only way the change YOU WANT can ever come closer to manifest reality.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

MY PERSONAL MANTRA: Its Application and Results

In the process of my current reading of Hindu religious philosophy and about the subject of personal mantras, I suddenly became aware of my own.  It was quite simple, yet personally powerful.
I began immediately to use the mantra.  As thoughts or feelings would arise I would speak my mantra, either within my mind or outwardly through my voice.  As I lay down for a nap, a usual string of thoughts about people in my life or events I was experiencing would flow into mind.  In response, I spoke my mantra.  It was like a light then surrounded those persons or events and a kind of release occurred.
This morning I first began my meditation with relaxed breathing.  Next, I found my attention directed to a fantasy process that was very familiar to me since it had been the basis of many meditations in years past.  In the fantasy I was walking down a path into a valley.  My senses became inwardly alert as I approached a huge boulder and I reached out to touch the rock gently.  I spoke my mantra and the rock came alive. 
I continued down into the valley, finding each of my senses quickened by some place in the journey.  Finally, I arrived at a favorite meditation spot, a grass covered piece of Mother Earth beside a bubbling stream.  I spoke my mantra and felt more alive than I have for a long time.  It was as though the stream, passing by, but remaining ever the same, was actually flowing through me.
As often happened in this meditation I would notice in the distance a person coming toward me as he or she walked along the stream.  I spoke my mantra silently toward the man as he approached.  Then, I saw that it was my son, David.  Again I silently spoke my mantra.  Our relationship has been broken for a number of years, finally resulting in complete separation.  In the speaking of my mantra, it became crystal clear to me what I needed to do.  My working out of the karma of this relationship was revealed.  In a very real sense it had nothing to do with what my son might or might not do. 
Almost as quickly as the realization came to me, there suddenly appeared with David, his wife, Christina.  My relationship with her was at even greater odds than with David.  I spoke my mantra silently several times.  Then a soft but powerful light enveloped them both as the vision slowly receded.
I was again alone in my meditation, but I was not the same.  A path had been revealed to me.  If I follow this path, as I allow my mantra to go with me and before me, the result will be resolution.  Simply “seeing” a possibility where I was unable to see one before, gives hope.
In Hindu philosophy all is Brahman, absolute God.  Brahman is primal Self and is personal self—All in All. The continuum from Creator to the created is the stream of life that flows through each of us moving us inevitably through all cycles of life.  Everything that occurs in that process—people, events, knowledge—is Brahman.  A mantra is designed to help the student become clear and balanced and “attain the state devoid of differentiation between knower, knowable and knowledge.  This culmination of meditation is samadhi.”  -- “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” Sri Swami Satchidananda          
Regardless of my years, I am a novice, perhaps far from samadhi. A light has begun to break through a crack in the wall of self that has held me in the box of my own determination. I speak my mantra to that crack in the wall and my Real Self sees the sides of the box fall flat revealing the fullness of All That Is—Brahman.