Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just a Regular Sunday!

It was a regular Sunday morning for me.  I read the newspaper (lightly) and watched CBS Sunday Morning as usual.  Later, I got into my yard for some work protecting my raspberry bush and the couple of strawberry plants I replanted close to the home so as to discourage any more munching by the local deer.  I had been daily observing the large strawberry beginning to ripen when to my dismay this morning it was gone.  The wire mesh I had put over it was knocked over and the feast was had.  Still, I would rather have the wildlife than worry about whether my plants grew as planned.

Following the yard work I came back inside thinking I would watch the NASCAR races.  Started out fine but I could not get my mind off my stamp collection and the work I wanted to accomplish in that regard.  Long story short, I spent five hours working on my Germany stamps alone.  Remember, I concentrate mainly on US stamps and secondarily on the British Empire, so spending that much time on Germany alone has to give some indication of the volume of activity waiting to be done.  I find myself going to sleep at night thinking of things I want to do with the collection.

Now to the point of this writing.  After dinner I sat down as usual to watch the evening news.  I could not help but feel so grateful for my new home.  I feel that gratitude every time I sit in my living room and simply look around at the things the make it “home” for me:  my books, my art work, and the windows that look out on my community.  I could not be happier!

I think of the people I know and love and imagine sharing this space with them. Several of my closest friends are planning visits sometime this summer and I am eager to greet them and welcome the gift of their presence as it adds to the positive energy of this special, to me, place.

Upcoming projects to accomplish include some patching leaks on the carport roof, continuing work on the flower bed, building several above-ground garden boxes, etc., etc.!  What fun!

That’s it.  I just wanted to share my gratefulness to be alive and enjoying life beyond my fondest expectations!