Sunday, June 8, 2008

Old Times, Places and Friends: The Report and Photos

On Sunday, May 25 we began the trip with a journey to Plummer, Idaho to visit friends, Lloyd and Barbara Agte. Lloyd retired several years ago as a professor at Casper College in Casper, WY and his wife, Barbara currently teaches in the area. They are building their dream home on property that has been in Lloyd’s family for many years. Nomi and I were fortunate to get to stay in the new home, even though the Agte’s have not yet moved in.

We “partied” the first night recollecting “old times” and stories. I never laughed so much and so hard in my life! My back and body ached soooo good!

We visited the large marina on Lake Coeur ‘d Alene; had dinner at a great Greek restaurant and had another wonderful time.

Tuesday morning we left for points north and Kalispell, MT, where my grandparents homesteaded beginning with 160 acres of timberland in 1905 and adding another 160 acres soon after. I had not been to the farm since I was four in 1938 so was unfamiliar with the area. I stopped to talk with a woman walking her dogs and asked if the house for which I had a photo was familiar to her. She said, Yes,” and gave us directions. After returning home and conferring with my cousin who had been there in the 80’s I discovered that I had gone to the wrong house. Still, I was driving past the old homestead and really did feel “at home.”

After staying the night in Kalispell, it was off to Glacier National Park with stops along the way at Hungry Horse Dam and every spot that offered a good photo opportunity. The following photos are of Lake MacDonald, which was as smooth as glass for the two days we were there.
We spent a night at the Lodge and took the boat tour of the lake. Again, the waters were mirror-like.

The Highway to the Sun Road was not yet open due to heavy snow, so we drove up as far as we could taking photos of the river. Then we drove around the south side of the Park on Hwy 2 to get to East Glacier and the Highway to the Sun Road from the east side. This followed along St. Mary’s Lake.

From Missoula, MT, where we stayed that night, we headed along US Hwy 12 up over Lolo Pass and the Lewis and Clark Trail. The scenery was breath-taking and one couldn’t help but wonder how Lewis and Clark could have made their journey through those mountains. It was all explained at the Lolo Pass Ranger Station, one of the best I have visited.

Finally, near home, we came to Multnomah Falls at sunset. Always beautiful, the falls was especially pretty overflowing with snow melt and spring runoff. After a photo, it was on to home. It was a great adventure and those faces, places and times are no longer in the past!

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