Sunday, September 25, 2016

It Won’t Be The Same Anymore

Sunday morning, 7:00 – 8:30 AM, just will not be the same anymore now that Charles Osgood is retiring from “CBS Sunday Morning,” after 22 years as host.

I have been a listener to this outstanding program since long before Charles took over the reins from Charles Kuralt.  On the rare occasions that I overslept and missed the opening, or heaven forbid if I missed even more of the program, I would rush, still in my pjs to catch whatever I could.  Yes, even before COFFEE!  Since the advent of modern coffee makers, I would set mine on automatic so the coffee was waiting for me upon arising.

I cannot begin to tell you the range of emotional satisfaction that the stories each Sunday morning had for me.  “News” was the least of what a listener would hear.  A brief news opening, but after that, only rich and meaningful stories would unfold. It was almost impossible to not enjoy seeing and hearing little known facts about some part of the world or some population, or some special person.

There was something for everyone and I could not help but find myself drawn into some special part of the program every Sunday morning.  This morning the hour and a half was a retrospective of the 22 years of broadcasting hosted by “Charlie.”  I could remember almost all of the features recounted. 

Jane Pauley is scheduled to be the new hostess of the program.  Although I like Ms. Pauley, it just will not be the same.  I expect the quality of the programming to continue to be top notch and I will be there every Sunday morning as long as I am able to get out of bed. Maybe you would like to join me and the millions who follow “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Until then, as Charles would always sign off:  “I’ll see you on the radio.”

So long for now, Charlie!