Friday, November 26, 2010

The Pretender

I have had the opportunity to meet people in all walks of life. Each person has had some impact on the values I have developed.  As I allowed my mind to wander through the past years and the variety of people I have encountered, I discovered that some were what I shall call “pretenders.”

The “Pretender” is a person who by his/her actions demonstrates the belief that the qualities below represent weakness in an individual:  (alphabetical listing, not by priority)

    Caring is for those who cannot change a situation
    One must do whatever is necessary to appear in charge
    Everything is available for our unrestricted use
    One must be proud of self so others will not be aware of shortcomings
    Love makes one vulnerable
    Passive aggressive tendencies demonstrate unwillingness to confront
    This quality demonstrates one is not strong enough to win battles
    A cover up for inner uncertainty

Fortunately, I have fond memories of many persons in my life who recognize the true value of these characteristics and do their best to exemplify them every day.  They are role models I attempt to emulate.

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