Saturday, July 10, 2010

The OM Heard 'Round the World

Today, July 10, 2010, I joined with others beginning a process of meditation for the healing of our Mother Earth. People all over the world are participating in this effort. In the United States we are particularly focused the healing of the Gulf of Mexico due to the abuse of the planet through the spilling of its deep life-blood of oil. You can join us and/or include your own particular focus for planetary healing. Below is an outline for the meditation session, or you can use your own, but joining in this particular one will increase the effect of our effort many times over.

Meditation to hold the field for Earth Healing Day – August 15, 2010
Daily practice, begin at 7:00 AM -- July 10th through Aug 15th

1. Sit quietly for a couple of minutes to reaffirm your intention to serve the planet at this
2. Be aware of the spiritual forces now congealing around the planet to facilitate your
meditation and Earth’s healing.
3. Raise your intention to amplify your service to Earth, and visualize people all around
the world learning about Earth Healing Day (August 15), sharing knowledge of the
event with all their friends and spiritual family members and joyously looking forward
to the time when they can sound The OM Heard ‘Round the World.
4. Then, in your mind, fast-forward to August 15th, and visualize a million people all
around the world observing their clocks, waiting for noon to arrive in their own time
zone. At the appointed time, see them joining with others (whether going outside or
sitting in a room of their choice), and sounding the syllable OM with their full voice
and full intention to cleanse, heal and bless the planet.
5. As they all become fully engaged in their chanting, visualize a group of 300 people
assembled in Denver, joyously chanting OM together, and directing the vibration of
their combined voices into the Gulf of Mexico, setting up a pure vibration of the OM
that adds oxygen to the depleted waters, dissolves the oil and chemicals in the water,
and provides healing and restoration for all the precious marine animals and plants
that have been caused to suffer so in the oil tragedy.
6. Next see successive groups of 300 meeting in various cities around the world, such as
New York City, Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Omaha, New Orleans,
Corpus Christi, Calgary, Portland, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, Bogotá, Christ
Church, Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Chang Mai, Hanoi, Kuala
Lumpur, Rangoon, Phnom Penh, Lhasa, Katmandu, Canberra, Wellington, Bamako,
Pretoria, Cape Town, Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Abuja, London, Paris,
Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Amsterdam,
Brussels, etc, etc., etc. You do not have to go through all these (unless you find it
helpful), but create a global focus, rather than a local one.
7. Let your visualization next see the entire planet with myriad lights blinking on, each
one representing a group of people coming together, meditating and chanting OM on
August 15 at noon in their time zone.
8. If you can, sit and listen to The Om Heard ‘Round the World that will be generated on
August 15, and dedicate that powerful sound force to the cleansing and healing of
planet Earth.
9. As you listen, project yourself forward in time to August 15th, and begin sounding OM
with the great planetary chorus. Chant with this great choir for about five minutes.
10. Allow the chanting to come to a close, but keep the energy generated alive and vibrant
in your meditation room or area.
11. Sit for a moment in the aura of The Om Heard ‘Round the World, allowing your heart
to open completely to this vibration, and bringing in the presence of that energy to
carry with you all day.
12. When complete, give thanks for the privilege of serving Earth and all Her living beings,
give thanks for the power of the Divine to grace your meditation, give thanks for all the
people who are also doing this meditation, and give thanks for all those planetary
citizens who will participate with you in Earth Healing Day. So be it!


Elaine said...

what a meaningful post! Thanks for sharing such a good issue.

Dan Perin said...

Thanks, Elaine. I hope there will be those in China participating in this OM project!

Dan Perin said...

The outline for this meditation was provided to me from Lisa Latin, a Vajra Flame Foundation Board member. Many interested in the teachings of Master Djwhal Khul are spearheadiing this endeavor.