Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Independent Party is For Real in Oregon!

Today I can actually cast a vote for a candidate representing the Independent Party. I will be joining 55,000 other Oregonians who finally can voice their choice for a candidate instead of having to sit by while the Democrats and Republicans held their primaries. This is a small beginning for what I hope will grow nationwide allowing us to move beyond the limitations of choice to what the party elders determine should be the ones for whom we can vote in primaries.

There are many minority parties in Oregon who seldom get the notice they deserve as they offer a variety of options not considered by the traditional electorate. In this new option candidates from these parties as well as the Republicans and Democrats can choose to be listed and voted for by the Independent Party members. It should be an interesting experiment. I will be voting via the Internet today!


Anonymous said...

Check out the Independent Party of Oregon website:

Dan Perin said...

I checked out the web site and candidates responses to the questionnaires before posting my article. I assume you are making a point by suggesting I check out their site, but since I am not a mind reader, perhaps you can tell what I should be looking for.