Monday, October 19, 2009

Who or What Is At My Door?

At the recent Peace Convocation Master Djwhal Khul suggested that our every experience is a door and that as we pass through that door we will see Who or What is showing up to offer us a learning experience.  All too often, however, we are more concerned with what appears in the doorway than in what the opportunity may be.

As we work our way through life seeking to better understand who we are and what our purpose is in this experience, we always hope that when we open the door a messenger of glad tidings will appear to grant us some gift for the good job we have done so far.  While there may be a gift to be received, we usually find it in a container wrapped in papers and obscured from easy view.  Until we actually clear away the wrapping and explore the container, we cannot see what the gift is.  Sometimes our expectations of what is in the container get in the way of enjoying what we finally discover our gift to be.

For example, I have found that as I have worked my way through a tangle of family relationships over the last several years I came to expect that when I opened the door everything would be just fine.  There would be smiles and hugs and joy in greeting each other as if arriving for a gala family reunion.  My expectation of how that would appear got in the way of seeing what was actually there—a tentative, but deliberate beginning to see each other in a new way rather than in the old and negative way that had begun the tangled web of unhappiness.

I understand the positive thinking aspect of expecting the good.  I accept the importance of building such positive attitudes in order to develop a consciousness of attraction.  I also understand that sometimes what we think of as expecting the good goes no further than being excited about the wrapping paper on the box concealing what our real experience is all about.

So, Who or What is really showing up at my door?  Are my buttons still being pushed by the presence or actions of others?  What is that telling me?  How am I going to take the next steps to resolve the karma in this situation and with these persons?  I can only conclude at this time with the degree of understanding I currently have, that only unconditional love is the answer.  Unconditional love is not based on what the other person does.  Unconditional love flows outward to bathe all persons and all situations with the bliss of knowing no power can quench it, no wall can withstand it, no heart can fail to embrace it.  It is not my job to figure out how that will be.  It is my job to welcome Who and What is at my door with that flow of love and joy.


Inspector Clouseau said...

In your discussion about "expectations," you hit the nail on the head, Dan. In thinking further about the Nobel Peace Prize, and the controversy surrounding it, I came to the following position.

If you think that others are inherently evil, or have less than laudatory goals or motives, then you will resist engaging them, and ensure that they do not "get out of control." On the other hand, if you think that others are inherently good, or at least that the majority of others are, you will have a different approach and view to dealing with them.

It's a fundamental chasm.

Dan Perin said...

Absolutely! I can only control my own thoughts, feelings and attitudes and when I do that in mostly positive ways, my expectations are more likely to bring about positive experiences. So, believing others to be "good" is more likely to bring "good" people to my door.

Dan Perin said...

A comment from Lloyd Agte:
Interesting confirmation of unconditional love showed up on
television this morning--the woman who was being robbed at gunpoint in her office and who prayed for the young man and who reached out
to him and begged him not to ruin his life. He in turn fell to his knees to pray with her, gave her the single bullet from his gun and
left after 45 minutes, saying no one had ever talked like this to him before. (But he did take $20.00--needed food, I guess.) All caught on surveillance tape.

Inspector Clouseau said...

You know Dan, I just read this again, and this fundamental chasm in terms of the view of the world held by humans, still looms large. Some pursue peace through control and force; others through engagement, to find commonality of interests.