Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fat Lady Has Sung!

At 11:00 PM EST by MSNBC

I have been told by a trusted source, Flat Stanley, that the fat lady has sung and the election is over. The President has been chosen! Flat Stanley is a world traveler who is visiting me directly from my grandson’s home in Cocoa, Florida. Kyle is seven years old and Flat Stanley is part of his school project. You can check out this interesting program in general at: http://www.flatstanley.com/

I don’t know about you, but I for one am glad it is finally all over but the shouting! Whether your candidate won not, it is now time for us all to come together and support the new leaders who will be taking this country forward for the next four years.

This has been an extraordinary campaign in all respects. More people have become involved in the various campaigns from the primaries through the election. It has attracted and spent the most money ever. It has lasted longer than any previous campaign. It has demonstrated the typical demagoguery we have come to expect from politicians. It has produced some of the most unpleasant (and untruthful) advertising ever. The Internet has become the new platform for waging a campaign, with both positive and negative effects. The broad diversity of our populace has been demonstrated and our cultures blended. There has also been a parallel high road of integrity and compassion at some points shown by some.

No matter whom you voted for, I hope your candidate won. Also, no matter who won nothing of great value can be accomplished if we simply return to the sidelines to see what happens next. Will we now continue to actively work to build a better society, to meet with those with different opinions and who made other choices? Will we look for areas where we can agree in order to take the actions our passionate participation hoped for? It is up to YOU and it is up to ME. Concerned discussions are wanted. Tolerance and trust are needed. Expect the best from those we have elected and hold the faith! Stay involved at whatever level you are able.

A better homeland and world is possible for all of us!

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