Monday, October 20, 2008

The Matter of Mind Experience - 3

A Three-Part Review of My Experience in the Labyrinth of the Mind Workshop

Part Three – Actions and Results

So what good are philosophies, teachings and practices if they are not utilized in our lives consistently? What results can we expect if we only continue to take in information, but never find ways to begin living the life that information offers us? Surely, not much will change for us if we do not take steps to implement our new understanding of the power at our disposal. Those of us attending the workshop have had the experience of opening the labyrinth of the mind. We have peeked into the vast reservoirs of our spiritual potential. Now, it is up to each of us to find our own way of bringing that potential into manifest form in our lives. This can mean newfound energy in mind and body; increasing abundance to meet our every need; and the confidence to be centers of peace and understanding in our world.

A teaching or set of tenets is of little value in the abstract. For them to serve their intended purpose they must become socialized. That is, they must be brought into our social lives as we interact with others. Any teaching lives ONLY as a FUNCTION. It must be a function of individual expression and social interaction based on altruistic thought, all-embracing compassion, and transcendent wisdom. Teaching in the abstract is an ego exercise. The ego may be interested in new ideas, but it doesn’t want us to do anything with them. New ideas, if used, threaten the ego’s control of our life. When we stop simply stuffing our minds with more information and start using the ideas to change the way we do things, the power of the ego will begin to fade and our spiritual belief structure will take over. This is actually one of the ways we deal with our karma. We are attracted to situations and ideas that follow our karmic patterns and as we recognize that we will begin to see how understanding these new ideas heals the connected karma.

It is important to reconcile the difference between HEARING great ideas and DOING something with those ideas. The value is only real as those ideas are lived. We are all aware of those who go from group to group following each new fad or prominent teacher, yet never seem to change their way of living and thus do not experience the potential for growth that is available.

As we embrace our spiritual potential through reading, consultation with professionals, attendance at classes and workshops we must ask ourselves, “What can I do with this information? What results can I expect by living these ideas?” We will not all do the same things because we each experience our learning uniquely and will find unique ways of demonstrating our understanding. Do not limit yourself by seeking to compare your gift to life with what another’s gift may be. There is no qualitative comparison. Your expression is uniquely worthy and a uniquely productive use of your talents.

Another meditation thought given to us in the workshop was from William James.

I will act as if what I do makes a difference.

Sometimes we may feel like we are just small cogs in the great wheel of life. Remember, however, that if that cog were missing, the wheel would not be complete and could not function as it is intended to operate. You are important! Your every act touches all aspects of the universe. You may be familiar with the butterfly effect, which is the notion that a butterfly cannot move its wings without the furthest reaches of the universe also vibrating in harmony. There is no such thing as an unimportant cog in the wheel of life. Rejoice in who you are and what you are becoming as you unfold as a spiritual being and a master of life.
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