Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Wish I Had Not Seen These!

I cannot help but write this message. It is a reaction, and I usually do not like myself when I react. However, I need to say this, whether or not it needs to be said.

We just made history as a nation. We rose up as a nation, the majority of us, and decided we have had enough of the bitterness, the hate and the divisive behavior exemplified by the Republican administration and the President and Vice-President in particular. And yet, already I have begun to receive forwarded communications continuing the hate and prejudice that have dimmed the light of our nation for many years and particularly in the last eight.

I have never wanted this web log to be about politics, but I cannot fail to allow my disappointment to be registered. I am proud that I live in a country where you can pretty much say whatever you want and I would defend that right. That does not mean that I think what you say represents intelligence or consideration or patriotism. To be part of the “hate community” by letting such activities and statements go unchecked is not acceptable to me.

Argue all you want to about thinking McCain should have been elected. He was not. Get over it! Now we must find the points upon which we can agree or at the very least agree to disagree with tolerance. I will not waste your time trying to convince you that my vote was smarter than yours. That would be ludicrous! Our votes are equal. In a Democracy, however, the one with the most votes assumes the leadership and the rest of us must rally to support those leaders through constructive action, considered criticism and gratitude that we have the right to continue to participate even though we may not have been on the winning side. In a world rife with discord and inequality we now see hundreds of millions of people the world over rejoicing with hope for a brighter future no matter where they live! They sense that America can once again redeem itself and truly represent the hopes and dreams of our better selves.

I absolutely respect your right to your opinions. I only hope you will find it reprehensible, as do I, that prejudicial hate mail continues to be forwarded around the world.

Now, my friends, if this article offends you, you probably won’t care much about anything else I have to say. If that is the case, I urge you to ask to be removed from my distribution list. Click here: and type “unsubscribe” in the subject line and send it to me.

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