Monday, October 20, 2008

The Matter of Mind Experience - 2

A Three-Part Review of My Experience in the Labyrinth of the Mind Workshop

Part Two – The Matter of Mind Message

One should not construe my comments about the message of the workshop to be directly those of Master DK, as his followers refer to him. What I have to say about the message reflects not only comments by Master DK, but also by participants in exchanges with Master DK and others in the group, and by my own inspiration in response to the experience.

One thought that occurred to me as I thought about the activity and those present was that it is NOT the event that is important, but rather it is HOW the mind sees the event and responds to it. Each of us experienced the event uniquely. I have read the book three times and found that each time through it was an entirely different book! I do not mean that a few paragraphs must have been missed as I first read it. I mean the book was different, period! I know that this is how the workshop was experienced as well, because this is how life is experienced. While we all live in the same universe, we view it and respond to it from our particular perspective. It is especially important to remember this in our relationships with others. We will be more able to express an all-embracing compassion to others as we understand that their perspective will inevitably be somewhat different from ours.

I cannot help but refer once again to the simplicity of the teaching presented. Too often we tend to think that important concepts must be complicated. This is just not so! It is a trick of the ego to try to convince our mind that in order for something to be important it must be complicated, and that because it is complicated we must rely upon our ego to provide the understanding. Ego CANNOT solve problems and ego cannot provide the understanding we need to succeed in life. So, I might suggest that if you are struggling to understand some concept, it may simply be your ego trying to obfuscate the simple truth. Our mind already knows most of what we need to know to begin moving forward. Trust that as you take the first step in faith, the next step will become more evident. You will grow stronger with each successful step forward.

An objective in this workshop was to reveal how enlightenment can be achieved. As I played with the concept of enlightenment these thoughts came to mind. First, enlightenment means to LIGHTEN as in to lighten the load. We view events as problems and burdens when not seen through the enlightened mind. Enlightenment also means to ILLUMINE as in seeing life clearly. Finally, enlightenment refers to IN (within). As we gain an understanding of the power of the mind to see the truth that is always within us, we will begin to lighten our burden and free ourselves from the limitations posed by fear and doubt. Master suggested we begin each day as we rise from bed with this thought: Let the Truth come forth!

Each day our sessions focused on specific meditation thoughts. The following is one that we used.

Today I give thanks for everything and have no complaints whatsoever.
--Djwhal Khul

Just think about that statement for a minute. How far into the day do you think you can go before you typically find something about which to complain? It may be a driver that cuts in front of you. Maybe you overhear someone say something unpleasant about you. Perhaps it is another of those annoying political advertisements. Whatever we find in our day to complain about needs to be faced with a positive and clear denial of its ability to upset us and deprive us of a state of well being. Give thanks that you see through the problem to the enlightened attitude that all things are working together for your good.

In Part Three I will share reflections on the actions we can take to improve our lives and what results we can expect to achieve.
The Matter of Mind: An Explorer’s Guide to the Labyrinth of the Mind, Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon. Order from

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