Saturday, March 1, 2008

When People Do Nice Things for Each Other

Based on an article from The Oregonian, “Love, Chickens and a Farmer’s Life” -- Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The article was about an electrical engineer and an astrophysicist working at Intel, who fell in love and because of company rules were forced to consider life changes. They developed a chicken farm and sold the eggs and chickens at a local farmers market. In the process of developing the farm they also developed a closeness with their neighbors reminiscent of “old times” when you knew your neighbors and there was a close comradie.

One day when a sister-in-law was visiting, Chrissie and Koorosh Zaerpoor, had stayed in bed a little later than their usual early rising. The sister-in-law was looking out the window and realized it was starting to sprinkle. There was hay in the barn that had not yet been covered with a roof. Should she wake Chrissie and Koorosh before the hay was ruined? Just then a truck pulled into the yard and a 70-year-old man jumped out, pulled out a sheet of plastic and began to cover the hay. When finished, he got in his truck and drove off. Who was it? How did he know?

And Koorosh told her, “Ah, its just the neighbor.” Then he added, “Who watches your back like that when you’re in town?”

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