Friday, March 7, 2008

More Bubbles, Barbs and Starting Points

In response to my posting of the piece on “Bubbles, Barbs and Starting Points,” Raven Dana sent these favorites of hers to add. (See the link to “Stress Wizard Coaching” in the left panel.)

When I say, "Be yourself," I don't mean the self that wants to win every game and use up every resource and stand alone at the end of history on top of a Mt. Everest-sized pile of pretty garbage. When I say, "Be yourself," I mean the self that says thank you to the wild irises and the windy rain and the people who grow your food. I mean the self who's joyfully struggling to germinate the seeds of love and beauty that are packed inside every moment. (Breszny)

Inaction, contrary to its reputation for being a refuge is neither safe nor comfortable. Madeline Kunin

Why are we so full of restraint? Why do we not give in all directions? Until we do lose ourselves, there is no hope of finding ourselves.~ Henry Miller

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