Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bubbles, Barbs and Starting Points

Years ago when I used to conduct seminars and group meetings I often used an ice-breaker exercise that consisted of a list of sayings on a sheet of paper, some of which were controversial and some that were bland or meaningless. Each person was given a sheet with all these quotes and asked to circulate among the group members and share their thoughts about whichever statements seemed to “connect” for them. The following is based on that concept. Does anything strike you? How? Why?

If you could go back in time . . . Where would you go?

How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live? --Henry David Thoreau

Life Patterns
A person may spend his or her life centering on one physical crisis after another, wearing such experiences as “badges of identity.” Finally, they end up satisfied that they have had a hard life and they can now serve as a “critic” for others coming along, ready to support the dilemmas they face.

I cannot talk about yesterday from the perspective of today.
In attempting to do so I am talking about today from the perspective of yesterday!

Failure to respond to the negativity from someone is like the wave of one hand clapping— no conflict or result manifests.

We make choices for one thing to the exclusion of all other possibilities
but not only do those possibilities still exist, but they also affect us.

The sea teaches patience—relentless, enduring, ever-changing, ever the same.

There is a “chalk line” at your heels. It marks the beginning place of all your tomorrows.

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