Sunday, July 29, 2018

Living For the Day

I live in a manufactured home community for those aged 55+.  I have been impressed, especially in the last year, how many residents take regular walks.  Apparently, those who have been advocating for daily exercise of some type—anything that gets you moving off the couch—have had an effect.  It is sinking in and folks are taking better care of themselves.

As I was observing my ritual of watching CBS Sunday Morning on TV I caught out of the corner of my eye a diminutive senior going by with his wheeled walker.  I thought to myself, “good for you!” and went back to watching my program.  A few minutes later he came by again.  A few more minutes later there he was on his third round.  I felt like going out and congratulating him.  Finally, I watched as he passed for the fourth and apparently the final time of the day.

I finished my program and got ready for my own morning walk, this time an hour long and about three miles.  Some days are easier than others now.  Lower leg muscles and hip joints sometimes protest the effort.  Still, arriving back home I always feel better and during gardening days, I usually head right out to work there for a while.

Increasingly, I am aware that I really am living for the day!   Even with a pretty regular routine without a lot of variation, every day is special.  I have found that as I believe that and look for simple things that make each day a little different, a little more precious, a wonderful feeling of satisfaction sweeps over me.  I have mentioned in articles before that I give thanks every day for how fortunate I am.  Some of you, who read my occasional rants on Facebook, might question how I can say I am grateful for my life.  I can only answer that by suggesting you give it a try. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset.  Imagine cloud shapes as you did as a child.  Enjoy your immediate surroundings with appreciation for what made them possible. 

Live for the day.

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