Friday, April 24, 2009

How To Get Attention

Well, now I know first hand how to get the attention of my government. All you have to do is post an article on a blog using the word “guns.”

After I posted my article: High Noon At the OK Corral, in which I voiced my opinion about the gun mentality in this country (incidentally, supported by numerous news commentaries) I began to immediately see hits on my blog from government surveillance agencies, U.S. Military Communications Tech sites, hacker security companies and even a telephone company in the Midwest. That telephone company monitored my blog for over 21 hours straight. You remember the phone company cooperation with the Bush White House spying on private citizens don’t you?

My blog has mostly maintained a low profile, not controversial enough to warrant much attention. However, I do have an increasing number of hits from countries around the world. After the OK Corral article I picked up several readers from China, Malaysia and Singapore. I guess if you put guns and Asia together it warrants a “look see!” It’s a good thing I am not paranoid or I might trip over myself looking over my shoulder to see who is following me.

I always knew there were “crawlers” out there searching the Internet for key word activity, after all, that’s what Google is all about. I just find it so interesting that as I sit here typing by my study window my mind wonders if some spy satellite is watching. Gosh, I’ve seen my own pickup truck in the parking lot using Google Earth, so who knows?


June said...

Thank God, you are not in jail yet.
It would be even worse in China. Now I may consider removing some of the key word tags in my blog, so mine won't be spied. I am just an innocent Taiwanese writing and reading blogs in China.
Don't worry, you only talk about gun issues, not how to buy or use guns.

Dan Perin said...

Hi June,
I wouldn't be too worried about your key words, unless, of course, you would feel safer where you are.
While the facts that I reported are true to the best of my knowledge, I don't really feel threatened. I just find it humorous at this time.
Thanks for your comments. They are appreciated!