Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Article Hit A Nerve? -- Make A Comment

I had several interesting comments on the “Anger Frequency” article. I really appreciate whenever anyone takes the time to make a comment. Mostly folks I know just email me directly with their comments, so they do not show up on the blog. A few “seasoned” bloggers know how to use the “comment” icon directly on the blog.

I invite you to use the "comment" icon, at the bottom of each article. It is next to the envelope icon. You can blog using your identity or you can select the button to comment anonymously.

Making a comment opens the ideas in the article to discussion from which we may all gain further insights to the subject that has been posted. If you plan to write a lengthy comment—a page, for instance—you probably will not have enough space in the typical comment space. Send those directly to me. I want to know what you think.

FYI, all comments come directly to me for acceptance or rejection before they get posted. That IS NOT so I can reject anybody who does not agree with me. It is so inappropriate or objectionable entries are not posted.

Let’s open up some dialogue, folks!


james oh said...

We, at the, feel that anger is an emotion. It has good and bad effect of it. What is more important is the hearer or the speaker should look at a positive side of it and move forward. Never let it tie you down and develop an unhealthy emotion, which may be bad for all parties. Be fully aware of its adverse impacts.

Dan Perin said...

James, thanks for your comment. I agree that choosing the positive viewpoint in most cases will provide better outcomes, as long as one does not simply stick one's head in the sand. It is important to ask ourselves, "Why do I feel such strong emotions about this? What is this event trying to tell me about my emotions?"
Glad to have your comments. Visit us again!

james oh said...

Emotion is a natural process of the reaction from someone towards anything or anyone. We should not concern so much. What is more important is that we should not be controlled by our emotion. Instead we should have a control so that we do not be influenced and sway away. Have faith in God and let the Holy spirit to guide us at all times.

June said...

Glad to find another new mind-growing blog. I started my blog last year but only to record my simple life and sometimes express my "anger" in English or Chinese, but only to share with my few good friends from home town. Untill recently, the Logistician stopped by my blog, I learned few more great blogs for discussions on lives and minds. Your blog is definitely the one I need for advice. And interestingly James Oh, my new blog friend is here, too. Hello!
I hope you don't mind I put your blog on my links.

Dan Perin said...

June, Glad to have your comment and also glad to be linked on your blog. The Logistician is providing an interesting network of "inquiring minds." I hope you will continue to check out LifeCentering and comment.