Monday, August 25, 2008

One Source, Many Channels

As many individuals as there are on the face of the earth, so are there that many different ways of viewing and experiencing an event or an idea. No two descriptions of any event will be exactly the same. We may agree with this statement to some degree, but usually when it comes down to comparing my experience or version with your experience or version, I will unequivocally accept mine as the truth of the matter. Likewise, short of a dramatically convincing argument on my side, you will feel the same way about your own version.

Such it is with life. As individuals we cultivate our own sense of being in order to express our uniqueness. We observe, listen and gather information as we grow from children to adults. For the most part, we become our own person with our own views, feelings, actions and reactions to life as we grow into it. This seems to be the natural course of events, the right way for things to unfold.

One of the potential pitfalls of this belief system, however, is that we may close out many useful channels of information in the process. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in how we settle on our religious and spiritual views about life. Whether Christianity or Judaism of the western world, Hinduism and Buddhism of India, Taoism or Confucianism of the Orient or Islam, all are composed of adherents absolutely convinced their vision of truth is the way. Then there are the sub-sections of followers in each group. Finally, we lose sight of the fact that there is One Life, One Source from which everything comes forth into expression and manifestation.

On my particular path I have encountered a variety of influences, philosophies as well as religious influences. I explored parapsychological systems such as the Edgar Cayce work, the Seth Material as delivered through Jane Roberts and other lesser-known psychics. I have friends who deliver information through automatic writing, astrology, numerology, tarot and trance meditation. There are so many ways in which we have access to information about who we are and what this earth experience is all about.

Instead of embracing the variety, we often take a stand against those systems we do not yet understand. Somewhere in our development we must have been convinced we needed to make exclusionary choices rather than attempt to find the measure of truth and interconnection between them. I began by saying that as individuals we all see things in our unique way. However, I did not say that our beliefs made all others wrong. As long as we let our differences divide us we will never find the harmony and peace that is available us. My experience is valid for me, but yours is also valid for you. Where can we find those parts of our individual experiences that overlap? Where can we find common ground?

The figure below demonstrates how I think of the One Source that expresses through many Channels—Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew or even atheist, as well as scientific, philosophical, psychological and parapsychological Channels. The center circle is Source. The arrows proceeding out from center represent the flow of that Source into various Channels, such as scientists, teachers, psychics, ministers and practitioners from many other paths. The colored lines flowing from these Channels touch the lives of countless individuals. Their lives then overlap with others through things they may share in common such as geography, environment, friendships, organizations, etc. By concentrating on what connects us rather than what divides us, we are led back to the Source of all Life, Substance, and Intelligence—All That Is. From our unity of vision we come to know our true sense as humanity and what our purpose individually and collectively is in this earthly experience. We will also begin the process of freeing ourselves from this outer illusion of reality that produces separation. Like notes in a melody, we will blend in an harmonious symphony of the spheres.

All the Channels indicated above have intimated that there is more to life than what appears. It is time to avail ourselves of the fullness of what may be possible. I would urge that we look for ways in which we can find a common understanding when new possibilities are revealed to us regardless of the channel through which those possibilities are made known.

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