Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everyone Is Psychic!

For all of my life I have been interested in psychic phenomena. My maternal grandparents were interested in aspects of it, my mother was interested, and of course, it was natural that I would develop an interest. Now, before you start thinking you know why I seem so strange, let me say that I also have always been very skeptical of what was traditionally being offered to the public as psychic activity. I guess you might say my interest had been developed around the lighter side of the subject. I saw the “phenomena” more as a game or as entertainment, rather than a serious practice of ancient arts and secret science.

All of that was to later change in my life. I came to the point where my personal experience transcended the limits of “games” and took on a deeper nature of understanding what this was all about. In my early years of seriously exploring the capabilities of our human consciousness, beyond the simply outer sensory awareness, I discovered how everyone exhibits some degree of alternative consciousness—psychic awareness.

Interestingly, the more I came to see the naturalness of our psychic abilities, the more I was skeptical of so much of what I saw practiced. I was always particularly skeptical of the so-called “Ascended Masters” followers. It just seemed to me we didn’t need some hierarchy of ancients hanging around delivering wonderful philosophical statements that never seemed to really make much difference influencing society as a whole. I thought, “If these guys (or gals) are so smart, why aren’t their adherents really making a difference in the plight of humanity?” Well, that question never got me anywhere. I did come to a point where I realized that infinite wisdom is available to all of us, but many of us do not believe we are capable of directly tuning into that wisdom. In looking at the problems of our world and even our own personal difficulties, we just cannot seem to fully grasp that we have greater abilities than we know. So why is it we cannot seem to make the connection necessary that enables us to fully believe in our spiritual capabilities?

Pam McKinnie, one of the co-founders of the Whole Life Learning Center in Denver in 1973, recently sent me a book: The Matter of Mind by Master Djwhal Khul delivered through Kathlyn Kingdon. As I read this book it was almost like reading my own thoughts and touching my own feelings, but it was clearly coming from “outside” me. “DK” as Master Khul is referred to, spoke simply and yet eloquently in easy to understand language. It was the first time I found myself responding to an “Ascended Master.” All my previous barriers of mind that rejected them disappeared and I accepted that indeed, this was another sign of the enlightened wisdom that is available to us if we will listen.

More to the point of why I started writing this article, I visited the MasterDK website and came across the section on questions that had been asked of DK. The one that caught my attention was: Master, when you look at your students here on the Earth Plane, is there one thing that seems to be holding us back from our spiritual accomplishment more than any other? If so, what is it? (This was asked in 2003.) I won’t try to tell you what the answer was, but I encourage you to visit the site for yourself. This answer helped me to understand more fully why we continue to fall short of demonstrating all that we are capable of expressing. Also, we are given encouragement on how to keep on with our effort to understand and bring about our fullest potential.

Click on this URL: or paste it into the address line of your browser. Take some time to further explore the site as well—with an open mind.

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