Monday, July 21, 2008

Memories Are Made Of This!

I was going through photos on my computer this morning wondering whether I had a software program good enough to do the kind of editing that I hoped to do. Before I knew it I was totally lost in the hundreds of photos I have going back over 100 years! Yes, I have family photos that go back at least four generations. I began collecting and organizing these photos several years ago when I realized it was “my turn” to add genealogical information to my family history.

My uncle, Stanley Perin, (at the right) spent years researching the history of the Perin family from the time John Perryn sailed from England in 1635 and landed in Braintree, a small town on the Boston harbor August 10, 1635. In 1935 Stanley put together the first treatise on the family with the hope that succeeding heads of the family branches would continue to add to the body of information. Subsequently, after much research, he published a book on the John Perin Family. My father gave me a copy of this history and the book shortly after I graduated from high school. Unfortunately, neither he nor my older brother completed their parts of the history. I completed my branch of the history and am now looking at improving upon the work for posterity.
Many families today have become interested in their roots. How many family members have much interest in adding to the details is somewhat less clear. For my part, I hoped my son and daughter would be interested enough to add their own marks on the family history. Of course, that is for them to decide.

So here are a few quick looks at my clan. The Marsh family (my mother’s side). Grandpa and Grandma Perin. My mother, father and family. My family in Alaska. My son’s family. My daughter and her husband and their two boys.

Folks, Memories Are Made of This!

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