Monday, February 4, 2008

Ah, Memories

Here is another response to an email I received from a friend about the “old days.”

Ah, yes! Are we not tempted to think the "old days" were the better days? Every generation has felt this way and none of us really would want to go back, would we?

That being said, I also long for some of the "niceties" and "manners" and simple joys that were so important as I was growing up. I will always be grateful to my mom and sister for teaching me manners and how to be a gentleman even if I was not always good at using them.

Having simple blocks of wood from which I made many of my own toys stirred my imagination beyond what kids now experience in their need for instant gratification--Make my own toys! Are you crazy?

Looking back to the "feel good" times does bring warmth to the body and soul. But, I am glad I don't still have to use the old outhouse that seemed like it was a block away from the house, especially on the cold winter nights!

Ah, memories! Then there was the time that I somehow managed to sneak a cigarette and as I came home after dark I pulled a fresh green onion from the garden to eat before entering the house so my folks would never guess I had just had a smoke!

Thrashing through the woods playing hide and seek with my friend at age nine and falling into a no longer used, but still full, cesspool. If I hadn't stretched out my arms in time, I might have gone head under! No more of those times, thank you very much!

Well, my friend, these are some of the true stories of a wonderful childhood that I look back upon fondly, savoring every bit of the joy (from afar) along with many other memories upon which to reflect.

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