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2012--The End Is Near (Again)!

What is it about human nature that it seems to need to set itself up for cataclysmic change every so often? For as long as I can remember, and certainly long before that, there have been the dire predictions of the end of the world! Even today there is a group of folks huddled in a cave in Southeast Russia waiting for the end to come. They think it will be as early as May 2008. "Father" Pyotr Kuznetsov, founder of the "True Russian Orthodox Church" sect is the group leader who with 29 mainly female followers including a child as young as 16 months old is defending their cave from all who attempt to coax them out.

The Heaven's Gate, another “end times” cult, ended on March 23, 1997, with the suicide deaths of 39 members. The group believed the return of the comet Hale-Bopp would whisk them away before the immanent destruction of the Earth.

There was the Jonestown massacre of 900 people on November 18, 1978. And back in the 1940’s another set believers sold their belongings and moved to Colorado to wait for the “Rapture.” If you do a little Googling on the Internet you will find enough to keep you busy reading for a million years, and that should see you through the final destruction as a “well-read” end-timer! When I Googled “2012” there were over 2,210,000 entries, and that does not include all of the sub-directory topics one could explore. I have listed at the end of this article several sites you might find time to read on the subject.

Science-fiction enthusiasts may be well ahead of the rest of us when it comes to understanding the nature of our creation. Personally, I find the bias of science locked into physical laws of matter ultimately incapable of answering the greater questions of Reality. I admit, however, with the rise in the understanding of quantum mechanics science is quickly approaching what the “fiction” side has known for a long time.

Then, there is the side of religious conviction. This, frankly, is where most of the confusion about the nature of creation and humankind rests. It is out of religious dogma that much of the end time prophecy emanates starting for Christians, perhaps, with the Book of Revelation, but existing even in Old Testament writings. What so-called Christians have done based on this book is separate the “sheep from the goats” (Matt. 25:32) and the saints from the sinners and create a chasm between believers and non-believers responsible for tragic “holy wars” throughout modern history. This action has set up in human consciousness the inevitability of a “final” conflict for humanity.

The year 2012 now seems to be the focal point for the next big change. The planetary ascension occurring then is seen by many sources of wisdom as the entry into the Golden Age. Since the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012, many take that as proof the world will end at that time, more specifically, December 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice.

Hermes Trismegistus, alleged teacher the magical system known as Hermetism, is quoted as acknowledging, “I think that by 2012 you will have people that are enlightened (open, honest, caring, loving, united to the divine) and those that still seek humanity’s lower natures (suffering, misery, hate, separation from the divine) but at least the scale may be tipping more toward enlightened."

Today we are told that destruction awaits our planet due to climate change if we do not immediately take steps to reverse the actions polluting our air, water and earth. In some reports we are given only ten years during which we must make extreme changes in our human activity if we are to avoid reaching the “turning point” after which it may be impossible to do anything that will solve the problem of our melting ice caps.

Whenever this subject of climate change or earth change comes up for me I immediately think of the little book by Walter Starcke, “The Gospel of Relativity.” Written in 1973 it allegorically poses what happens as the great oceans die and how the collective of all nations tried to overcome the challenge. While they failed, the book goes on to examine the attitudes and actions we humans take in regard to our environment as well as how connected or disconnected we feel from the concept of the oneness of all life. I urge you to find this book and read it.

So, then, what is this all about? For me it is about consciousness—all levels of consciousness—from human consciousness focused in our material world of the five senses, the sub-conscious (our personal understanding and memory of experience), and the super-conscious, what Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. I have spoken and written a great deal about how we build our consciousness thought-by-thought, belief-by-belief and action-by-action. What we build into our awareness is a belief system, which then guides our actions. The net result is that our combined actions produce the world in which we live and the possibilities we will consider attainable or unattainable.

As I prepared to write this article I became less and less inclined to finish it. Almost every day I see or hear references to the “end times” in one form or another. It seems everyone is talking about it but few are seriously considering doing anything. I admit to finding it almost impossible to believe that our big business culture really doesn’t care that their own children and grandchildren may not have a planet on which to live if business practices and political policies do not change. I can somewhat understand the concept of greed, but what I cannot understand is that there are human beings who do not care enough about the planet upon which they live to do the things that must be done for there to be a future for humankind. Perhaps it is a sense of hopelessness, the feeling that since nothing can be done, I might just as well get what I can out of life before it all ends.

I think it may be this sense of hopelessness combined with a political system gone amuck and special interests looking out only for their paying constituencies that tempts me to give up hope as well. I HAVE NOT given up HOPE however. The reason I have not given up and thus the reason for writing this article is that I believe in the indestructibility of the human/God Spirit. I believe that no matter how bad things get I cannot be destroyed. My so-called life is not the Reality. It is simply the place where I am working to understand and grow into my true Reality. This earth is a valuable environment and I love it for the beauty and sustenance it offers my soul, but it is not my HOME. I have come here to explore, to grow and to conquer the challenges set before me. I have been given the tools with which to accomplish this goal and it is up to me to use them to the best of my ability. These tools include, but are not limited to, my ability to love, forgive and serve; to have faith and imagination; to explore wisdom and understanding; to have vision and a belief in the goodness of others.

It is only because I believe in my True Spiritual Nature that I continue to do whatever I can in this life to make it the richest, happiest and most meaningful experience possible. This is not always easy, but I believe that as I express my faith in action I will survive and free myself from the illusion of the limitations of this physical reality. The “end times” for me, then, are simply the point at which I arrive when my work here is finished and I move on to whatever is next in the limitless expanse of God. If I do not reach that personal point of knowing the fullness of Spirit before this planet becomes inhospitable, there will be other dimensions of possibility where I can and will continue my work.

Finally, my interest in this subject of “end times” really has to do only with recognizing that humankind has constantly been given countless cues as to the opportunities that exist for us to bring about a personal spiritual transformation in real terms. We are more than simply human beings. We are spiritual beings. Until we realize this Truth and live that path we will be faced with the “end times” challenge to get our act together.

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