Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeling The Funk

This article was originally posted on the Whole Life Learning Center Blog on Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is going to be one of those rambling moments. You know about them, don’t you? It is a time when you feel something stirring within you but it has not yet taken a form recognizable by distinct feelings or specific words of description. I know something is evolving within me, around me. I feel certain that it is positive. I feel, too, that there may be pain involved. I understand that in some ways growth is a painful prospect. Our muscles experience some pain as we stretch them and exercise them until they gain the next level of development. Then the path is smooth until the next surge of growth comes about. Growth in understanding seems to come that way as well. We may flounder around in our effort to understand what is going on in our lives. We experience the pain of frustration, rebuke, maybe even failure. Then as the “muscles” of our mind begin to get used to stretching to new considerations there is a kind of “Ah Ha!” that hits us. We now are in a better position to understand why we are where we are. We have a glimpse into our new realization of power over our lives at that moment. Things begin to feel better. It is easier to love and be loved. It is more comfortable to enter new social experiences. We may find a new thrust of enthusiasm about our work, whether it is a job we go to each day, or work in our garden designing a new flowerbed. I guess my point is that when we feel we are in a funk, that things are fuzzy and our path is unclear, we must find the will to press on. Flex the muscles of your mind and heart with faith and confidence that you are moving forward to new plateaus of satisfaction, understanding and success. Each effort will be easier than the prior one. The result inevitably is strength and accomplishment. So, press on I will. I hope you will as well.

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