Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Day of Reckoning

It was with some trepidation that I entered the Department Of Motor Vehicles this morning armed with the various documents now required to obtain or renew a driver’s license.  It wasn’t the documents being sufficient that worried me.  It was as I began to fill out the application form, which with its small print was somewhat difficult to read.

I left blank the block asking what color my eyes were.  I realized I couldn’t remember!  How many times have I looked in the mirror without even thinking what color eyes I had?  I paused over the question of hair color and finally lied saying it was gray.  Actually, it is all gone!  It used to be brown.

As I completed the form and approached the clerk, I imagined that he would take one look at my answers and challenge me.  The blank for eye color got his attention right away and he asked, “What color are your eyes?”  I said, truthfully, “I can’t remember!”  I opened my eyes wide and leaned forward so he could tell me.  “I know I have a brown spot in my eyes.  I remember that and have thought that was the color of my eyes.”  But of course, it isn’t.  “Green,” he said.

Then I laughed and told him that I said I had gray hair, but it was probably a lie because I’m bald.  We both chuckled.  Nearing the point where I was to take visual exam I imagined him yelling at me, “You’re blind as a bat.  Why are you still driving?  You’re going to end up hurting someone out there!  I’ll bet you can’t hear a horn honk or a an emergency vehicle siren either.”  Naturally, he didn’t say any of this.  Whew!  Passed the vision test okay. 

Now for the photo.  When I looked at the result I exclaimed, “My gosh!  I look 80 years old,” and laughed.  (I’m 78.  Going to be 79 in December.)  By this time I was sure the clerk was going to ask, “Are you okay?”  I just tucked the temporary license into my pocket and quickly left before he had any second thoughts.

Now I am good for another few years of driving, so look out everyone!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on passing Dan! And it's funny because when people ask me the color of my eyes I sometimes have to check!