Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Oregon Adventure

One of the things I especially like about the Statesman Journal, the local Salem and mid valley paper, is that it features at least once every week some of the outdoor activities available to explore.  It may be a special place to hike, hidden swimming holes, historical venues, or some often missed place of interest.  On Thursday the paper noted there would be minus low tides on the weekend.  This would give viewers a wonderful look at the otherwise hidden sea life along the coast.  Forest service staff at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area would offer guided tours between 8:45 AM and 11:00 AM for those wanting more details about the various sea life.

That was all it took for me to prepare to head south through Corvallis and then southwest toward Waldport and Florence.  I knew there was a chance that our hot spell would be broken with rain and possible thunder storms, especially along the coast, but so what?  I liked exploring the coast in the rain even more than during the hot sun.  Indeed, it did rain for most of the drive.  When I got to Cape Perpetua, the rain had stopped and it was comfortably cool and cloudy.

I had been to this area before but never at low tide when the tide pools revealed their teaming life, so I looked forward to the adventure.  The trail down to the pools was paved and steep.  I already knew it was going to be “fun” coming back up!  For once I remembered to bring the walking stick that I always carry in my truck, though usually forget until I am away on a hike.  It is a good thing I had it this time.  I really needed the “tripod” for stability rather than my two feet alone.  More than once it saved me from a fall. 



Heceta Head

Heceta Head Lighthouse Building

Heceta Head

Some of my photos are a bit blurred due to trying to balance when taking the shot.  Still, they present a pretty good view.  The clearest photos are of the starfish, which were in abundance in sizes and colors.  The sea anemones were even more abundant, but I couldn’t really capture good shots.

It turned out that the hike back to the visitor center at the top was not so bad after all.  Maybe the fresh air energized me enough to compensate for any lack of stamina.  I hope you enjoy this adventure as I did.

After leaving Cape Perpetua I headed south to Heceta Head lighthouse, then home to the inland valley heat!


Inspector Clouseau said...

WOW! The pictures are just stunning, Dan. Once again, I really miss the West Coast. Spent lots of time in Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia over the years, and can't wait to get back there. Enjoy, and once again thanks for sharing.

Dan Perin said...

Glad you enjoyed the coastal adventure! Come on back!