Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh How I Love This Country!

Yes, of course, I mean the USA, but that isn’t what is on my mind right now.  This morning I headed off to the nearby town of Monmouth to deposit a couple of refund checks from utilities at my former apartment.  It was still a bit hazy from the good old Oregon humidity in the air as the sun tried to make its appearance on the eastern horizon.  I suddenly found myself saying out loud, “God, I love this country!”  The wonderful farms that stretched for miles, the nut orchards, vineyards and rolling hills—what’s not to love?

I took the long way back home just so I could experience new territory.  I affirmed that I eventually wanted to try all the back roads I could discover.  Dallas, Independence and Monmouth are historic early Oregon towns.   Monmouth hosts the Western Oregon University; an expanding campus that looked like it was heavily attended according to the parking lots.  It is a liberal arts college founded in 1856 by Oregon pioneers.  It has been a long time since I was in high school, but driving through these small towns brought back memories of studying Oregon history in school.  I had to wonder if such studies are even taught any more.  Seems like most of what I was taught in high school is no longer deemed important, like civics, American history, geography, etc.  Of course, they probably do still teach these things, but judging from my experience with students today, I am not sure many of them have retained the lessons.

But I digress!  When I returned home I put on my gardening clothes and took to the front flower garden, an area about 30 X 12 that has been unattended since the former owner left for Arizona nearly a year ago.  I worked for about two hours when it was again time for lunch and an end to the work out there for today.  I still have a good portion to clear of weeds.  I could not help but ponder why God had seemed to create weeds with interminably deep roots that made pulling them impossible, while at the same time giving our most beautiful flowers surface roots easily disturbed.  I am sure there is a plan and message in there somewhere!

I do love the Oregon country.  It is regrettable that there are those folks who find the often-gray skies and rainy times hard to take.  What we gain from our weather is the deepest greens, the brightest azaleas and rhododendrons, daffodils, roses and on and on!  Of course, a number of years ago an Oregon governor had to “dis-invite” Californians who were coming here in droves crowding our beaches and campsites.  I suppose it is a good thing that not everyone wants to live here or we would be too much like the east coast!

Come, take a drive with me through some of God’s most beautiful creation!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really truly want to visit Oregon someday!! I can't wait.