Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bicycle Rider Courtesy and Safety

Last year after one of my daily walks in Greenway Park I posted an article about my frustration with riders who failed to announce when passing a walker on the path.  Greenway is a heavily traveled park path, both for walkers and cyclists, so it is important to exercise care and courtesy as the path is shared.

Recently I read the suggested “rules” for riders posted by a local cycling organization in preparation for the celebration of the opening of the completed Fanno Creek Trail.  Among the suggestions was to announce when you are passing a walker:  “Passing on your left.”  I was glad to see that those suggestions are, in fact, supported by responsible riding organizations.

This morning, during my regular walk, I was twice passed by a rider who announced his presence.  I quickly acknowledged the rider with a “Thank you!”  Since I was quick to share my frustration last year, I am taking advantage of this opportunity to give my appreciation to all riders who exercise this common courtesy and safety procedure.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a senior and I find that my walk is not always as straight and true as it once was.  It is much easier to partially lose balance from time to time.  For a rider to announce he/she is passing can be the difference between safety and an accident.
So, a big “Thank you” to the riders this morning, and to all riders who share the path safely and with courtesy.

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