Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

The look out the window this morning presented me with my excuse for not walking today.  Yes, today it is raining.  And yes, sometimes it doesn’t take much to discourage me from doing something I know is good for me.  But enough of that.  This morning I am going to share breakfast with you.  We’ll take the walk another day.

When I was just a pre-teen kid I learned to make biscuits and pancakes from scratch.  No pre-mixed stuff.  Get the flour, the baking powder, the shortening, etc. and mix it up.  Seems to me my chin was not much above the drain board at the time.  I credit my dad with my early lessons in cooking, since he was often the first one up.  His early rising most likely came from his days as a postal carrier when you had to get there early to sort the mail and get out on the route.  In those days the carriers made twice-daily deliveries.  (Can you imagine that?  Now they are talking about getting rid of Saturday deliveries and closing post offices.)

In the years since my early biscuit and pancake making days, Bisquick and other premixes for biscuits and pancakes came out in the stores.  Well, I was not about to give in to the lazy man’s way to cook!  Shortly after getting married, I started mixing up my own batches of biscuit mix and storing it for use through the weeks.  I think, obviously, that my mixes were every bit as good as the premixes.  Many years later I finally gave up and started using them.

Now that you have my personal cooking background, it’s time for breakfast.  Here is what was on the table this morning:  Special pancakes (recipe follows), two eggs and lots of coffee.  While I admit to starting my pancakes with a premix like Bisquick, it is all original after that.  Here goes . . .

           1 egg
           Chopped walnuts
           All bran
           Raw oatmeal
           Milk (powdered or fresh)

Beat the egg, add all bran, oatmeal, cran-raisins, walnuts, sugar, milk, and vanilla and mix well.  Then add the biscuit mix and gently mix.  If you have to ask what portions of the ingredients to use, just forget it and go back to reading the morning paper.  I’ll finish getting breakfast!  I am an intuitive cook.  The upside is always a surprise.  The down side is that it is often difficult to get it as good the next time.  (I could tell you many stories about experiments.)  But, hey, that’s what is fun about cooking.

Oh, by the way, if you eat as many pancakes as I do, you are making a mistake!  But they are so good and the pain doesn’t last forever!  Pancake mix just isn’t good as a left over no matter what anybody says, and I don’t like waste (so I add waist instead!).

Bon appetite!

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