Sunday, August 14, 2011

My God Is So Good To Me

This handwritten note was found in a Unity booklet entitled, “Oneness With God.”  The booklet was printed in 1921 when Unity School of Christianity was still located on Tracy Avenue in Kansas City, MO.  This booklet was part of the library of Cordelia B. Lane that her family gave to me after her passing in 1960.  I discovered it just the other day as I was sorting through my own library in an effort to begin releasing my treasures and lightening my load.  I share it with you hoping it blesses you as it has me.

My God is so good to me.

The same God of all good who worked so-called miracles through His beloved Son Jesus is the same God of all good who just as willingly works in beauty and truth and love through you and me today.  The Master Jesus was continually aware of His God, His Father and Creator of all, and that is the requirement for you and me now, to be aware of, to recognize, to acknowledge, and to accept, good only.  Our aware(ness) of good awakens through prayer, through our putting our thoughts and hands to good and constructive use.

It is then, dear friend, “that unto every one that hath” this growing faith in and awareness of the dominant power of good, shall indeed “be given, and he shall have abundance.”  (Matthew 13:12)  Then our loving Father shall be heard speaking from within our heart saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.  Thou has been faithful over a few things; I will set thee over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.  (Matthew 25:21)

In thy presence is fullness of joy; In thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore” (Psalm 16:11)

The law of Jehovah is perfect, restoring the soul.  The testimony of Jehovah is sure, making wise the simple.  The precepts of Jehovah are right, rejoicing the heart. (Psalm 19:7, 8)

(Healing prayer:  Weekly Unity, May 31st 1953.)

God’s life, a river of healing, flows through me, and I realize that I am renewed, refreshed, restored.

When I received these treasures from Cordelia Lane’s estate I could never have known that fifty-eight years later I would be reading this beautiful note from a wonderful woman who believed so deeply in the presence of God blessing her life.  I am sure I did not notice the note when I received the booklet those many years ago at my first ministry.  It wasn’t until I actually started typing them for this posting today that I realized they were meant for me at just this time!  I looked up the biblical references and added them to her original note.

I am so blessed to have had many wonderful experiences through the years.  Sometimes a few simple words will send our attention back in wonder to times that have enriched our souls.  In remembrance shall my strength be renewed and my joy made full once again, today!

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