Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New Web Log Being Introduced

Over the past several months I have found myself becoming more and more disturbed by the political chaos created through manipulation and gamesmanship between the Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  I have watched with increasing frustration how the Republican Big Money Buddies have funded promotional ads that are complete fabrications with no resemblance to truth.  It seems that almost no one is paying attention while our government is slowly, but more and more quickly, being wrested from the hands of the common person and given away to those who already control 95% of the wealth of America.

A long-time friend, Lloyd Agte, and I have exchanged numerous emails discussing what we see happening.  We each have resources we depend upon for information we can trust to be accurate.  Out of these discussions I found myself once again feeling the need to be even more outspoken about the political, policy and social/economic issues facing all of us.  I did NOT want LifeCentering to be a blog about politics.  I started it as a place where I could share how a person might deal with the variety of personal issues we all face,  using as examples the personal ones I was working on in hopes of arriving at a better understanding and resolution. As those of you who follow my blog know, I have used it to express my political frustration.  It has become clear that I needed another vehicle to express those opinions and allow LifeCentering to remain a vehicle for articles related to consciousness development and personal growth issues.

Lloyd and I are launching a new blog to serve as our voice about ongoing issues.  Insight & Outsight can be found at:
It is in early development but will soon have several beginning articles posted.  We hope you will subscribe and follow our conversations.  Better yet, we hope you will share your comments.  Not everyone will agree with us, but as long as it is honest content we can all benefit from the exchange.

See you on Insight & Outsight!

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Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice move Dan. We at the Institute need to keep the same issue in mind.