Friday, February 11, 2011

And No One Needed Guns!

So the greatest people’s revolution of modern times has taken place over the last two weeks plus and the revolution accomplished its goal without guns!

So there, all you “Second Amendment” rights nuts who think that in order to form a “more perfect union” it is necessary to take your guns to political rallies.  All you have shown the world is that you do not know how to bring about positive change without threatening, or actually, shooting someone.

Egyptians suffered under one of the most brutal and sadistic regimes anywhere in the world.  The workers, the professionals, the students, the well-educated people of Egypt had enough and took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in peaceful protests.  They even withstood the goon squads of Mubarak’s police who arrested, shot and beat them, and yet took no weapons themselves in their defense.  Yes, they returned the rocks thrown at them by the thugs, but they did not need guns!

Will the radicals among us learn anything from this momentous event?  Will it be possible for citizens in the United States to show their courage through their voices and their votes while leaving their guns at home?  I certainly hope so!

It is with some degree of satisfaction that I see Glenn Beck’s ratings begin to drop.  Maybe his listeners are beginning to realize that he is about three marbles short of enough to play a serious game.  We can be grateful for our right to free speech, but we should be ashamed that we support those who use their positions of influence to make up facts and repeat them over and over until the most vulnerable of our citizens begin to believe them.

The Egyptian struggle is not over.  But it has great promise.  We can all feel empowered by the example they have set for the world—your voice is more important than your gun!

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Interesting Dan, very interesting.



I'm not quite sure what to say. It does cast a whole new light on the subject.