Friday, March 19, 2010


Over the last several weeks I have been taking time to read my own book, Moments.  I started reading parts as a review.  I imagined how a reader might experience what I had written.   I thought about how they might come to a better understanding of some part of their lives, perhaps finding a thought that became the key to free them from some limitation.  After several reading sessions I decided to start at the beginning and read it through.  I discovered that “speaking to myself” through the pages strengthened my own resolve to focus on the positive elements of my life.

Much of the book is drawn from articles I have written through the years.  They were written as a way for me to work through some of my own challenges, but with a thought that some insight may strike a resonant chord in others as they read.  I wanted to share my own journey, dealing with disappointments and frustration, as well as the successes and satisfaction of meeting some challenge.  Sometimes all a person needs in order to begin to turn his/her life around is an appropriate word, positive encouragement, and to know that someone else facing similar challenges was able to work through them to a successful conclusion.

I am still learning and still growing.  I find in my book reminders to keep working on whatever challenges remain unresolved, and to rejoice in those in which I have found success and satisfaction.  I hope you, too, if you read the book, will also find a pathway to your own sense of fulfillment.

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