Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Is It . . . ?

I just completed five days at board of directors meetings here in Portland for the Vajra Flame Foundation.  Any time one has an opportunity to be of service to a non-profit organization there is a sense of fulfillment that can come to that person.  I certainly felt an energizing force envelope me and I know the other board members felt the same way.

What I want to share with you is a thought presented in one of our meditations by Kathlyn Kingdon, the channel for Djwhal Khul.  We were asked to consider these questions:

Who is it that
            Sees through my eyes?
            Hears through my ears?
            Reaches out with my hands?
            Loves through my heart?

In our interactions with others we have choices about how we experience and share those connections.  Perhaps too often we express ourselves out of whatever our current mood might be.  If we are feeling upbeat, then we share from our happiness.  If we are not feeling so good, we may pass on our unpleasantness to others.  One way to greatly improve our interactions with others is to ask ourselves the questions above before we begin the experience. 

When I look out at my world who is seeing through my eyes?  Is it a spiritually grounded, positively directed soul, one who looks for the highest and best that is possible?  Do I let my eyes see with a clear vision of potential?  Do my eyes see the vision of my dreams?

Who is hearing through my ears?  Regardless of the dissonance that may be present, can I break free from that and hold to the truth of order and harmony?  Who reaches out with my hands?  At times when called upon to be of assistance to others or complete a task that I may wish I did not have to do, can I remember that loving hands are healing hands?  Can I let everything I touch be blessed with love?  Can I let every handshake or touch upon a shoulder be an expression of care and support?

Who loves through my heart?  Sometimes it is difficult to feel love toward someone who has disappointed us or done something unpleasant to us.  At these times I will try to remember unconditional love.  This love freely embraces all persons and situations simply because love is what it is, a harmonizing, healing power that transforms people and situations when shared from the heart.

Seeing, hearing, touching and loving from the spiritual center of our being is a transforming activity.  No negative situation or person can fail to be touched by this soul energy.  Even if no apparent change is evident at first, the positive expression of love enfolds the situation with the seed of change.  As we continue to act from this center, change for the good will come about.  Give these questions a try and notice how it makes you feel.

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