Friday, December 25, 2009

Born To Be Me

I had a delightful Christmas Eve listening again to the story of Susan Boyle, the 48-year-old Scottish woman who stunned the world with a voice from heaven! She did not win the “Britain’s Got Talent” program, placing second after a group called “Diversity.” However, it is safe to say she made a major mark on the entertainment world since her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” from “Les Miserables” went viral on the Internet. Her first album was released in November 2009 and had already sold a million copies by Christmas!

Her dream had been to be as successful as the renowned Eileen Page and, perhaps, even to sing a duet with her sometime. In the Christmas Eve program she performed beautifully with her idol to a standing ovation from the audience. But what really struck me was when Ms. Boyle sang “Who I Was Born To Be.” From her humble beginnings she rose to super stardom, and the beauty of it is that it was a dream she felt certain she could achieve. When first appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent” she knew the audience dismissed her as soon as she took the stage because of her frumpy appearance, but her attitude was that it didn’t make any difference how she looked. It was a singing contest and she knew she could sing. And sing she did! We are all richer because of her belief in herself.

The added lesson for me personally was the reminder that I also am who I was born to be! It is up to me to believe in my dream and to sing the song that is my life, regardless of the opinions of others. There will always be detractors quick to criticize what they do not understand. If I live according to the perceptions of someone else, I am not being true to myself. We are each born with our own song to sing and life to live. It is up to each of us to muster the courage to express that dream to the best of our ability.


When I was a child
I could see the wind in the trees
and I heard a song in the breeze
it was there, singing out my name

But I am not a girl
I have known the taste of defeat
and I have finally grown to believe
it will all come around again

And though I may not
know the answers
I can finally say I am free
And if the questions
led me here, then
I am who I was born to be

And so here am I
Open arms and ready to stand
I've got the world in my hands
And it feels like my turn to fly

When I was a child
there were flowers that bloomed in the night
Unafraid to take in the light
Unashamed to have braved the dark

I am who I was born to be
I am who I was born to be

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Elaine said...

Yes, the success of this famous lady really encouraged many of us. Her self-confidence and spirits on conduct her dreams are worth learning.
Plus, I like the lyrics of the song.