Friday, May 8, 2009

Still Working On It!

Writing is an interesting process for me, as I imagine it is for other writers as well. I seldom simply sit down and write. What often happens these days is that I will take time for meditation, lie down for a nap or go to bed and immediately my mind flows with ideas developed in full form, words and phrases eloquently arranged to produce true gems of enlightenment. “So,” you might say, “where are these gems you supposedly are capturing?” Well, the truth is that as profound as they seem when I first experience them, they are mostly gone by the time I get to the computer.

Even what I am writing right now is nothing like it was fifteen minutes ago when I lay down for a nap. It is frustrating! There are things I really do need to be clear about, things I want to say. There are insights I have gained during my “sabbatical” that I think would be of interest to others. Part of that frustration comes from why I write in the first place.

First, I write for myself. I have found, for the most part, that the process of putting words together helps me clarify what I am feeling, thinking and experiencing. Getting ideas out of the fuzzy corners of the mind and onto paper seems to give them a kind of solidity, something tangible that can be handled, played with and molded into something with a degree of specificity that may address an issue I am attempting to resolve.

Second, I write because it is very satisfying to feel the sense of productivity that comes from actually starting and completing a project. There are so many things in my life that I have started with good intentions but never really brought to completion. Therefore, that sense of satisfaction that comes from something well done, often was never fully experienced.

Finally, I write because I do not think I am the only person in the world that deals with certain issues, relationships, success/failure or any of the other things that come up in our lives. Maybe what I discover and write about will be said in just the right way to help someone else deal with his/her own struggles. If that happens, it is frosting on the cake for me, something extra that I could not experience otherwise.

So, here I am, posting another effort at communicating which is not exactly what I wanted to say. I promise that I am working on writing about my March “sabbatical” as I assured you I would. One thing I have come to realize, at least in the beginning phases, is that without a task there is no transformation. I began the task of my journey asking, “Why am I on this quest? Do I really care about my physical existence? How can I find out? How can I solidify my feeling for life?”

Coming up later: Another look at forgiveness and how completely we must embrace it. This is a real toughie for many of us.


June said...

When you asked yourself the questions, I found same questions echo in my thoughts. Then I fell in deep thinking but sometimes got lost. Although so, I felt good about thinking over the questions and waiting for better answers or solutions.
Your 3rd motive for writing do help readers including me in dealing with life. Your writing extends help to readers.

Your comment in my blog feels very understanding. Thanks.

James Oh said...

I do have the same experience exactly you stated in your first point.

I do agree with June on your third motive.

You may all the answers to your questions in the Bible.

Grace and peace to you,

Inspector Clouseau said...

I made a comment on a 20 something writers blog about writer's block. Fortunately, none of us has a deadline per se, like a newspaper journalist.

Several thoughts;

Audibly articulate your thoughts out loud, and jot down copious notes along the way.

Do not force yourself to write.

When you feel that you are on a roll, write 2, 3, or even 4 articles immediately.

When you do feel like writing, write first, edit later.

If you are struggling, put down one sentence; leave it for some time or days; add another paragraph; leave it alone; assemble many paragraphs and then try to edit.

If you can, send it to a friend, who has fresh eyes, to edit.

Dan Perin said...

Thanks for sharing a comment, James. The best to you in all ways.

Dan Perin said...

Thanks for the helpful steps. Much appreciated. My "blocks" are not so much that I can't write, but that what I want to write about concerns areas/issues that are somewhat more personal and I have not quite figured out how I want to keep the anonymity of others. Stay tuned!

Inspector Clouseau said...

Ah, personal stuff. Hmmm. That's what cartoon characters can do for us. Then it's not us.

Dan Perin said...

If I could draw cartoons, believe me, I would consider it worth trying. I get your point, however.