Friday, February 6, 2009

Expectations Too High?

It seems to be happening again. We are caught in the trap of expectations that may be unrealistic. I am not just talking about political issues, though certainly we have a scenario developing there that tends to confirm past history—no matter how honest you try to be your efforts can be scuttled by old time politics as usual.

Maybe this article IS just about politics! I sure am disgusted and saddened by a lot of what is happening in Washington, DC. I think there is enough criticism to cover all aspects of our political problem. For example:

THE PRESS s always ready to pounce on the slightest indication that someone or something is off course, or maybe will become off course, or they suppose it is possible for someone to get off course. So, of course, they start the pot boiling. The stew that is cooking depends on what network you get your news from. At different periods I have tended to get most of my news from one network, that is, my views tended to be more in line with one than others. This changes from time to time because my own views change. Bottom line: Take the news—from whatever source—with a grain of salt. They all have their ratings axes to grind.

CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS just don’t get it! They never have, at least in my lifetime span of nearly 75 years, and it doesn’t look like they will. It is not simply a matter of each party having a different philosophical base. There really are differences, particularly on economic policy and foreign policy (what else is there?). The last election seemed to clearly voice the public’s determination as to which side of the philosophical coin they preferred. I am all for each party holding to their basic philosophy because that allows for choice. The winner leads the process from that point on. For the losing party to simply provide an obstructionist role will never result in anything truly practical and efficient getting done. Compromise is an important tool in negotiation as it brings out the most important aspects of each party’s philosophy. But, there comes a time to vote, to arrive at an answer and to begin a course of action. Bottom line: Get over it and get moving!

THE PRESIDENT had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and has made an effort to reach across the aisle to involve the Republicans in the process. I am not sure that Congress and the advisors around him have given him the support and kind of advice he needs. If the President is willing to work with all parties where is the honest cooperation? He has never said he had the ONLY answer. It is too bad that an idealist and pragmatic President has to try to deal with the minority whose philosophy has been thoroughly demonstrated as catastrophic.

FINALLY, Mr. Former Vice-President Cheney, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! You are not driving any longer. Do us all a favor and disappear! And take your grumpy, negative cohorts with you.


The Logistician said...

What was most interesting about former Vice President Cheney's comments was not so much the content, but rather the timing. Sorta like Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was unnecessary for him to do so now, unless he legitimately thought that they would advance the interests of the nation. I suspect that he had some personal issues which he needed to get off his chest.

As a general rule, when folks are uncomfortable and insecure, they do things that might be regarded as "erratic" and ill-conceived. These are dangerous times.

The Logistician said...

By the way Dan, thanks for following our blog. I noted that it is the only blog reflected on your blog roll, and thus we feel pretty fortunate. If we might suggest another, check out the I Think, I Can link on my blogroll. I somewhat suspect that you will enjoy it also.