Friday, September 26, 2008

Comment to Confluence of Coincidence

This comment exceeded the space allotment so I have posted it as a separate item.-- Dan

Yep, the 'coincidence' conversation is an interesting one. Here's my theory: I think that because on a fundamental level of existence we have the wiring that connects us to the vast fields of intelligence and information around us that we have unconscious access to incredible volumes of potential experiences and that we get 'clues' or 'signs' through what we call coincidences that tell us what our particular system is tuned to picking up. I mean, we usually pick up the signal of someone about to contact us or such because it has relevance and potentially can either improve our lives or give us a heads up.

Two stories. I have a friend whose father had been in a nursing home for many months. She had an intuition that her dad's friend Larry would die before he did. She had not heard of or seen Larry in years. Then, four months later, she read in an obit that Larry died and within a week her father took a sudden turn and died one week after Larry. She felt that even though she thought her dad would outlast Larry by several weeks, the intuition gave her enough time to prepare and get things in order.

Another friend had decided to close his business on Sept 15th but then, against his better judgment, decided to stay open until the end of the year. On Sept 15th we had a storm and all the power went out, forcing him to move all his produce to his other store. I said. " Yo dude, that's a memo!" But, after the lights came back on and he moved everything back, he got served with a 72 hour eviction notice because the building got sold and the new owners wanted him out. I call that one Brick To The Head Enlightenment. I do believe my friend will be more willing to act on his gut feelings henceforth.

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